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Take Time Out to Let Nature In

A Greener Mind was founded to help people discover the restorative power of nature therapy. More and more, our daily lives are full of noise, screens, and frenetic energy without any ability to pause or any outlet to the natural outdoors.


Inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku which translates to bathing in the forest atmosphere or forest bathing. 


During an immersion, participants are led through a series of sensory invitations designed to help you slow down, awaken your senses, and reconnect with nature.

Tea for two_Josh Schwartz_Red Maple.jpg
Forest Walk


"Josh did an excellent job introducing the practice and guiding me on my journey. This was a wonderful reminder to slow down and check-in."

"This walk really helped me reconnect to nature and slow down.  Highly recommended"

Meet Josh

Josh Schwartz is an Association of Nature and Forest Therapy trained guide and founder of A Greener Mind.  He conducts both public and private walks to individuals, groups, and corporate wellness programs throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia.  His experience as a mindful leadership facilitator and a lifelong love of all things outdoors grounds him in this work.  

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